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"I have known Rudy Gatlin for years. In fact, he was my leading receiver in a charity flag football game. He is a great person, entertainer and motivator. He has a story to tell and its facinating!"-Roger Staubach, Chairman and CEO, The Staubach Company

Rudy Gatlin of the Grammy Award winning Gatlin Brothers, a performer in musical productions of Broadway shows, businessman, golfer and family man, has taken his message to the corporate and civic stage. 

Through his experiences as an entertainer, Rudy has learned the same practical and time-honored concepts for success that are practiced in the business environment: faith, commitment, perseverance, teamwork and working to the best of one's ability. 

Rudy speaks of personal experiences and will challenge your audience to be aware of the positive influence they can have on the people around them - in the work place, in the community as well as in the home.

As Rudy says, "We can't measure success simply on the number of hit records we have had, or the number of awards we have won. Success must also be measured in terms of the people we have helped along the way, how fully we have used the talents with which we have been blessed and what we have contributed to help the team around us accomplish a goal."

If you are looking for a different, out-of-the-ordinary approach to motivate and inspire your audience, he will add music to bring another dimension to his topic. For your special corporate meeting, association or civic event, Rudy is able to customize an exciting program to entertain your audience.


Speaking Engagements:

 How Can I Keep From Singing?

Rudy Gatlin has experienced great success in the music business - far beyond his wildest imagination. "All I ever wanted to do was sing. I had no idea the impact it was going to have on me and on the lives of others."

Rudy shares his life of making music with his brothers Larry and Steve, from winning their first talent show in Abilene, Texas and singing on local television, to appearing on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, performing their trademark family harmony on hits like "Broken Lady," "Houston" and "All the Gold in California." They also performed at the White House for President Carter, President Reagan and Camp David for President Bush. The brothers performed for President George W. Bush at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

Rudy also speaks of the other side of "fame and fortune" that he experienced battling alcohol and drug addiction. Through faith in God and a program of recovery he was able to turn his life around. "I thank God everyday for letting me live long enough to get help and for friends and family who loved me through this difficult time."

Through his experiences as an entertainer, Rudy learned the time-honored concepts for success that also must be practiced in the business environment: faith, commitment, perseverance, teamwork and working to the best of one's ability.

Rudy's message challenges and inspires his audiences to reach their full potential and recognize the opportunities to help others in their everyday lives. "I've been Blessed to be able to do this through music. You have the same opportunity to 'sing your own song' in some way or another that can have a profound effect on someone's life. And when you see people being helped, you will ask yourself, "How Can I Keep From Singing?"


Musical Performances

Rudy has been performing since he was 2 1/2 years old. He practically grew up on stage singing with his brothers Larry and Steve. The Gatlin Brothers hits were country but their first love was gospel. "We idiolized the great gospel groups like the Statesmen and Blackwood Brothers Quartets. They had a tremendous impact on how we sing and the way we conduct ourselves on stage." Showmanship is truly a hallmark for Rudy and his brothers, entertaining crowds of all ages, from Las Vegas to Hobogen. The brothers are touring again after a ten year hiatus. During that time however, Rudy performed solo, singing and speaking about his career, recovery from chemical dependency and other personal experiences. Along with all the great Gatlin songs are wonderful stories that give audiences a little insight into Rudy's life of making music, allowing them to understand really doesn't matter where I'm performing or for whom, I just love singing and entertaining. Seeing people enjoy what I do is truly one of the greatest things on earth."